Hi Julie,
Hope you're well. It was great to meet you last week. Just want to give you a quick update and let you know how I've gone on these past few days. 
Delighted to say the last time I bought wine and drank alone was this time last week, the night before I met you. The only time I have consumed alcohol was last night when I stayed at my mum's house and shared a bottle of wine with her before tea. I did as you advised and drank a large glass of water first which slowed me down and I was able then to pace myself. I felt like I didn’t ''need'' a drink but wanted one more out of curiosity to see if I still liked it!  I concentrated on the taste and it wasn't great...quite vinegary really. I was actually wishing it was a more expensive bottle.
To drink only half a bottle of wine in a week is approximately 10 bottles less than normal which is pretty mindblowing when I think of it that way. I'm very proud of myself especially considering my line of work! I worked an exhausting shift on Friday from 10am until 1230am Saturday the end of my shift I was invited by my colleagues several times to join them for a glass of wine. I was knackered and grumpy...two big triggers, yet I politely refused and made my way home. It was the last thing I wanted. I'm not saying it's all been plain sailing. There were a couple of points during that shift where I could've murdered a drink. But a little voice inside piped up and said ''a craving is just a thought and it will pass in a few moments''...which indeed it did.
I was on a downer on Tuesday night. Didn’t go for wine though. Don't do that anymore. Lit a lovely fire in the woodburner, made a cup of tea and put on a DVD.
I haven't weighed myself yet because I think I've overeaten this week. However I certainly look less puffy and feel so much better...more alert, calmer, not hungover plus it took a couple of days but I'm now feeling SO tired and sleeping like a baby.
Been invited to a work outing to the Xmas markets in Manchester tomorrow, which I know I will hate because it will be a massive piss up...OMG! Listen to me now! I'll be joining a convent next. Instead I'm going on a lovely long hike and a catch up with an old friend.
I've been frustrated because I can't remember a thing you said to me during the hypnotherapy, only before. Actually, I remember the colour red. It obviously doesn't matter though because my conscious mind is now making some pretty strong decisions. These decisions are no doubt easier for me to make, because of the stuff I can't remember which is tucked away somewhere deep.
Thank you Julie.  Whenever I see red I think of you...and you're probably the only person in the world who knows that's a compliment!! I will write again in a few weeks. 
Warm regards,  Kate



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