"All hypnotherapy is not the same! Julie Woodcock uses NLP with hypnotherapy and the results are magnificent.

"I originally saw Julie to relieve me from the phobia of presenting to groups of up to 20 people. Prior to the treatment I would break out in cold sweats, my heart would race and feel my head feel dizzy. Following the treatment I felt 99% better and could clearly think and present difficult subjects to my peers. I still felt a little nervous but this only heightened performance and was not the debilitating phobia that I previously felt. I actually won an award for the best presenter in the day

"6 years later I found myself nominated to present in front of 300+ people in an amphitheatre. This was a make or break situation for my career. This was much larger event than I was used to and so sought Julie's professional NLP hypnotherapy to ensure that I stayed calm and presented to the best of my ability. Again I felt calm and in control of the day and actually enjoyed it. Who would have thought it after having such a serious phobia 6 years before. I feel like I have a new lease of life and can function properly in all situations without fear. If you are reading this testimony and unsure if it is for you then take the leap and change your phobia, fears and addictions for life. 

"We all have our own demons and they seem so real to us and personal. Wouldn't be nice to lose them? You owe it to yourself to live a better happier life so ask Julie to help"

Mr Kaye


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