Having been brought up that children should be seen and not heard, I have always been a quietly spoken person unable to feel confident in voicing my thoughts at work. Twice a year, my job requires me to do training presentations to groups of 100 people plus. Despite doing several training courses myself on how best to present, the anxiety I felt before and during these was unbearable. I would feel sick with worry, unable to sleep for weeks up to the build up. On the actual day I would be shaking and perspiring and y voice would disappear.

I came to Julie and we talked through the issues I had. The tips she gave me were far better than I received on any presentation skills course. Afterwards, I was amazed at how powerful her treatment was! Now, whenever I feel slightly anxious, I listen to the CD that she gave me just before I go to sleep. Without fail this enables me to fall into a deep and restful sleep and I wake up feeling confident that I can cope with anything. Giving presentations now does not phase me in the slightest, and I am also a lot more out spoken. I am so grateful to Julie for transforming my life.


Sophie, 32

Textile Designer


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