His one and a half hour session included an explanation of why he was experiencing these feelings; teaching him techniques that he could use to help him remove negative feelings and replace them with positive ones, and an hypnosis session to promote relaxation and control.

"Following our session I attended a two day networking workshop with other senior managers to promote our global business within the company.  Over the two days I typically took charge, (without annoying the other team members), and co-ordinated my team presentations.  Interestingly enough I was nervous but could handle it without the fear of running out of the room like a man possessed. 

"In total I gave five presentations and found that I could think and present clearly. Not only making good eye contact but also assessing the mood of the audience and modifying the material to suit.  I am sure you will agree that this is a massive improvement. I am looking forward to developing further and have been accepted on an internal course developing presentation skills.

"A few things happened that I though you may be interested in.  My team won a prize for best presentation I was told that it was so obvious that I was a senior manager and have made "thousands" of presentations.  If only they knew!! The interesting thing to note was that even though I was slightly nervous it never came across to the audience. Just goes to show doesn't it! I keep refreshing the experience in my mind and look forward to practising my new skills."


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