Dear Julie

For years I'd put off going to the dentist and having injections, it was my worst nightmare. I'd worry so much about appointments, not turn up because I was too afraid to go. After 2 weeks of suffering with toothache I knew I had to do something about it. I contacted a dentist close to my home and went for a check up, fearing the worst, knowing I'd have to have something done that would involve needles. I spotted your leaflet in the waiting room, I picked it up initially for the 'Stop smoking' part but as I read on I realised that you may be able to help me with my phobia of the dentist and injections.

I contacted you straight away and made an appointment.

I had the session with you on the Monday night and a dentist appointment on the

Tuesday morning. I was worried already about the appointment, feeling nauseous and frightened, I got the best nights sleep on the Monday night than I'd had in a long time.

I was full of smiles at the Dentists, I sat and relaxed, using the techniques we spoke about and it was all done and dusted in 25 minutes (it only felt like 5). I would never have thought I'd have been able to sit there so calmly, have someone poking around in my mouth and have three injections in my gum without freaking out. It was absolutely amazing!!!

At one point the needle was on the counter in front of me whilst I was talking to the dentist and before it would have freaked me out, I'd have asked him to move it because it was scaring me, but it didn't I just thought "it's there, not doing anything, can't hurt me" I was fine!!!

I can't thank you enough.

After the session I felt relieved, excited, exhilarated. It's as if the worried/sick feelings just weren't there anymore, difficult to explain but I couldn't connect the nauseous/worried feeling with the dentist.

I was on a high all day, telling everyone I saw how wonderful it was and how great it made me feel. The phobia of needles and dentists gone and I feel free.

Thanks again


Julie Woodcock

0113 834 5424


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