Testimonial added summer 2017:


Evening Julie, 


You asked me to provide you with a follow-up after our session.  


I feel that some improvements have definitely occurred, I'm sleeping better and feeling under less stress. I had a bad day at work the other day and felt a little annoyed but at no point did I heap blame onto myself which is a definite change. I spent that lunchtime in my car listening to the hypnosis track which greatly helped that day. 


I have been sitting up straighter and standing taller - so much so that I've been getting some mild neck and back ache when in a good posture which is evidence of how badly I've been carrying myself for ages!  


My wife has pointed out that I seem much more relaxed since our session and a little more focused and open. She's also pointed out that I seem to be getting more enjoyment out of things and that I'm more supportive to her and making her laugh more. 


I'm delighted with things so far and I hope that I continue to in this direction.  


Thank you very much.  




Julie Woodcock

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