Testimonial added summer 2017:


Hi Julie,

Well it's a week since I sat in your room and spoke to you about my anxieties with lifts and all enclosed spaces. Would you be able to help me? The following week has seen me go up and down in lifts and travel on a train. In the scheme of life these are not big things but in the scheme of my life with my phobia and anxieties for nearly 30 years they are massive things. 

I feel it has opened up a new lease of life for me. Small steps to start with and then move on to bigger challenges later. Maybe even a plane journey or through the Channel tunnel.

My family are amazed at my transformation. I tell them all that with your help and guidance I have and more to the point, can achieve things that have been denied to me for so long.

I can't thank you enough.

Mags X  


Julie Woodcock

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