I had recently been in a very turbulent relationship that knocked my confidence for six and was giving me problems in my current relationship. I didn't know where to turn, my family and partner are extremely supportive but nothing they said went in. I am a recruitment consultant and deal with and speak to hundreds of people on a daily basis and I am extremely confident at work but not in my personal life. I started to think about going to see a counsellor but didn't feel it would work for me.

After searching on the Internet for alternative ideas, I came across Julie's website and read a testimonial from a lady with a similar problem. I sent Julie an email and she replied saying that she could help, after a long conversation on the phone I was booked in for two sessions.

After my first session I felt on top of the world, somehow I had managed to let go of the past but still take good experiences from what happened. The tapping didn't really work for me but the NLP anchoring technique that Julie taught me really helped. My relationship with my current partner improved dramatically and I didn't get upset about trivial things.

After my second session these feelings just became more and more intense. I am now the strong, confident person that I used to be and I am enjoying living my life like I should do. All those little things that I used to get stressed about or have those feelings of insecurity about seem so irrelevant now in the grand scheme of things.

Julie has helped me to feel excited and positive about what the future holds for me, life is not about luck it's about the choices you make. I am so pleased I made the choice to seek advice and help from Julie. Thank you so much Julie and I hope many more people take my advice to come and see you.



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