Testimonial in 2013 from female client who wishes to remain anonymous: 

Before I met Julie I was drinking heavily - any excuse - probably around half a bottle of vodka per night with a very rare night off - it was costing me a fortune and piling the pounds on round my middle.

If I had the day off I would get my jobs out of the way and then start to drink steadily from around
2pm - could get through 2 bottles of wine or a lot of vodka.

I work full time so it was usual to wake up very tired as my sleep was disrupted and feel hot and shakey - my concentration levels were not great and would get wound up very easily.

For the last few years I have run a full marathon and when training for it would stupidly celebrate a long run with a few drinks afterwards!!!! I would also go the gym regularly - get back home - drink and then not eat until around
10pm - not good.

My husband was aware of what I drank and was concerned but never lectured me - he is not a big drinker and likes the occasional glass of wine with a meal.

I then went to see Julie: - my aim was to cut out negative drinking at home on my own - I still wanted to be able to have a drink with friends on a social occasion or if celebrating.

My session took place on a Friday afternoon so the strangest thing was not having a drink on a Friday night - then Saturday and it quickly became a week.

I have just completed another marathon but this year was different - after no drinking for six weeks and eating properly I finished 27 minutes faster than the year before and was 11lbs lighter.

After the marathon I then went out for a meal with my husband - had some drinks but was in control.

Now the marathon is done for another year - I am still feeling positive and want to continue getting fitter/healthier - who knows what my time will be next year?

I would like to thank Julie for helping me to get my life back on track - I am now so much healthier and feel genuinely happy - I no longer feel the need for a drink at the end of the day to wind down.


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